Hello, my name is Nikki Weijburg and I have been customizing model horses for several years now. It is one of my greatest passions and no work is ever the same.


The name Weijburg Studios© is not only inspired by my last name, but also by my family; my parents who always support me in life.

Animals, and in particular horses, have always deeply interested me. My favorite place was at my aunt's farm during the sunny summer days.
This is where I spend a lot of time studying horses and learned how graceful and spirited these creatures are.

The creation of model horse artwork


"When creating a piece, capturing the spirit and character of the horse is very important and every piece I make is another experience. Each piece truly has its own personality."


For now, I only customize model horses from original horse molds on a very exclusive basis. I will only accept a few commissions a year.


I customize model horses from all sizes; from the tiniest "micro mini’s" (1/64 scale) to the large "traditional" sized horses (about 1/9 scale).
I work with acrylics, pastels and airbrush. Most pieces include all three of them.

I pursue the highest quality of my work that will last for years. I use a high quality airbrush with the highest quality paints.


Because there are so many thin layers of different colors used for the models, their color will be different under different light conditions. Just like the deep coat colors on a real horse!
You will be surprised to see the difference between a model in standing the shade and a model placed in direct sunlight.


To adjust new areas (like a new neck or mane) I use a combination of the best materials.
Every material used is picked with great care, and is tested and approved for its quality.


When a piece is in progress, it will be safely kept in a glass cabinet in a smoke-free home out of direct sunlight.


Weijburg Studios©  is located in The Netherlands (Europe) and ships international.

Certificate of Authenticity

Above: the charm that is attached to each COA
Above: the charm that is attached to each COA

All pieces are created with true passion. All artwork is one of a kind and will be registered, signed and numbered by Weijburg Studios©. Every piece will come with its own certificate of authenticity (COA). Owners may always contact me with any questions or need for confirmation about their original piece.

All certificates are carefully plasticized for both durability and protection and also bear a custom "W" charm.


If requested or needed, a custom reference card may also be included with the model.

Shown below is a resin model I painted using two reference cards and some info. "Chupca" therefore comes with both a COA and a reference card.