Gallery update

1 Februari 2018

I've had a pretty busy period for the past few months, so I did not have time to put these pictures online. But I am very happy to announce that this custom is now officially finished! He will be on his way to Germany.


The original model was from the Breyer "Appaloosa Performance Horse" mold. A lot of resculpting was done: from a new neck, mane and tail to eyelashes and resculpted hooves and head. Many deep brown and chestnut layers are mixed in the coat which gives him a very original coloring.
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Above: before (left) and after (right) photo's.

Gallery update

6 August 2017

I recently finished these two pieces.


The first is a roan on the "Old Dreaming Lady" resin mold, sculpted by Jasmin Ruhland. She had some bubbles near her mouth from the resin casting, so I had to resculpt her teath and gum.


The second is a custom from a Breyer micro mini mold. A lot of work is done on her. She has: new manes and tail, totally resculpted head, new neck, added horseshoes, resculpted hoofs and added teeny tiny eyelashes. Check out the gallery to see more!

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Hello there!

06 August 2017

Welcome to the official blog of Weijburg Studios! My name is Nikki Weijburg and I customize model horses in a variety of scales. From the traditional sized models (1/9 scale) to the micro mini’s (1/64 scale), both in plastic and resin. My studios is located in The Netherlands (Europe).

With this blog, I hope to update you about newly finished pieces, take you into the studio and share experiences!


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