On this page, you will find information about pricing, commissions and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Commissions will open after 23 July! *

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Every piece I create is one of a kind and if the commission request is accepted by me I can give a price quote and estimated completion time.

I reserve the right to refuse an order/ commission at any time.


Would you like to have a piece commissioned? Feel free to send me an e-mail.




Below you will find a few frequently asked questions. If you have any other/ further questions do not hesitate to ask.


1.      Is a deposit required to start the commission?
Yes, a deposit is required to start the commission. This will depend on the total price of the piece.

A deposit is non-refundable.


2.      Do you accept money transactions with PayPal or bank transfer?

Yes, money transactions can be made with PayPal or bank transfer.


3.      Do you accept time payments?
Time payments will be discussed on individual basis.


4.  Do you accept trades (as a payment method etc.)?
I might accept trade offers for the Breyer models Chanel and Bramble (both on the Croi Damsha mold). 


5.      What happens if the contact with the owner of the commissioned piece(s) is lost?
If this occurs, I will hold on for your piece(s) for one year (it will be safely kept in a glass cabinet in a smoke-free home).
After this period the piece might be sold. I have no intention to do this at all and I will do everything to get in touch with the owner again before I even consider this.


6.      I would like to order a customization-only commission, and the piece will be painted by another artist, is this possible?
No, if a piece is customized by Weijburg Studios, it will also have to be painted by Weijburg Studios.


7.      Do you accept painting-only commissions?
Painting-only commissions are accepted.


8.      Should the customer provide the model or the artist?
Either way the customer can provide the model, or the artist can.

Below you will find a few sites of model horse shops located in Europe.
1. http://shop.modellpferdeversand.de/

2. http://www.spielwarenversand.de/modellpferde/breyer.html

3. http://www.copperfoxmodelhorses.com/
4. http://www.farmtoysonline.co.uk/

5. http://www.misspony.nl/paarden-speelgoed/breyer-paarden


9.      Do you accept all models in any condition for commissions?
No, I do not; it depends on the condition the original model is in. Below you will find a few guidelines.

The model can be brand new, or a model in an okay shape.
- This means it can have: minor rubs and scratches in the original factory paintjob, missing ear(s), mane, tail or neck, but not anything else (if you are in doubt, feel free to send me an e-mail).
- The model needs to have its original paint (from the factory) or it needs to be an original unpainted (UP) resin.
- Models that have been painted before are not accepted.
- Glossy models are not accepted.
*Please note*: stated above are guidelines; I would like to have detailed pictures if you would like to send a model for a commission that is not in pristine state. Thank you in advance.


10.  Do you offer a repair service for original pieces created by Weijburg Studios?
Yes, if it ever occurs that you have a piece created by me that needs repairing, I will offer a repair service depending on what needs to be repaired.


11.  Will you mark a lower value on the package or send it as a gift?
No, custom forms will be filled in accurately by me.
I will not mark a lower value or list merchandise as a gift.


For any further questions, please feel free to ask at any time.